Hey, I'm Ben Habib

Filled with curiosity and caffeinated beverages.

Progress needs innovation, and innovation needs good design.

I’ve always been obsessed with technology & sci-fi, which made growing up in the digital era quite the treat. Fascinated by new innovations and how they played a role in improving everyday day lives, I exercised my passion by starting a YouTube channel when I was 14. I explored new applications and tools with the goal of figuring out different ways to help people enhance their workflow. Fast-forwarding to where I am today, I’m thankful to be in the position where I can create what I’ve always admired - products that will leave a positive impact on people and society as a whole.

I personally enjoy working on projects involving strategic and visual design, regardless of the platform. Working on a problem from the ideation stage and seeing it through to completion is always exciting to me. Over the course of my career, I look forward to collaborating with others who share the same love for design. I have a strong desire to continue learning and developing the skills to become a domain expert in this field.